Alum Bay

This walk will take you from The Needles Landmark Attraction in Alum Bay to the western most tip of the Island, where you will find The Needles Old Battery and The Needles Lighthouse. You can also take the seaborne route to reach the lighthouse, which will give you a different perspective of one of the most beautiful places on the Island.

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High Down Walk
The open top bus will take you along High Down and up to the Needles Old Battery if you don’t fancy the walk.
High Down Coast
Looking back, you can see Alum Bay in the distance.
High Down Rocket Site
High Down was a top secret rocket testing site in the 1950’s, famously known for the Black Arrow and Black Knight rockets.
High Down Radio Equipment
A satellite known as Prospero was launched from here and is still in orbit coming overhead twice a day, although its transmission has been turned off.
The Needles Lighthouse
High Down has a great view of The Needles Lighthouse.
Alum Bay Chair Lift
You can also visit The Needles Lighthouse by sea. Alum Bay chair lift will take you to the beach, but for the faint of heart there are steps down instead.
Alum Bay Boat Ride
A slow pleasure boat and fast rib make trips out to The Needles Lighthouse. The multi-coloured sand cliffs along the coast are also quite impressive.