Culver Down

This is a beautiful coastal walk, but be warned, it does get close to the cliff edge and is quite steep in places. It would be wise to do it when the weather is good as wind and rain not only spoil the views, but also make it more dangerous. If the elements are favourable however, then you will have a great time.

We usually choose to start the walk either at the top of Culver Down, where the parking is free, or at sea-level in a car-park just outside Sandown. For this guide we have chosen the latter.

The walk will see you scaling Culver Down. There is quite a change in elevation which you may find hard going. We often pause on the journey and sit down with our flask of soup to take in the magnificent views (the pictures below were taken in February!). There’s always passing ships or wildlife to watch.

Once at the top you can then reward yourself with a little something to eat from the snack shack, or why not really treat yourself and enjoy a drink in The Culver Haven pub, also serving food. Make sure you also check out the Yarborough Monument when you get there. If you want to continue the walk you can stroll down the other side of Culver Down to Whitecliff bay. It is a sheltered beach that has its own refreshments café and gets quite popular in the summertime.

This walk is also a good opportunity to visit Sandown. The Isle of Wight Zoo is located there, which is where you can meet Zena the white tiger and Casper the white lion. Further along from the zoo is a large outside play area, golf course and mini go-karts track. If you make it as far as Sandown Pier you can enjoy an indoor children’s play area called Magic Island as well as trampolines and other amusements. For those of you really keen on walking I might suggest you continue all the way along Sandown seafront and on into Shanklin.

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Sandown Beach Coastline
The uphill walk begins. Our target is the spire atop the chalk cliff.
Culver Walk
Just follow the path, watching out for wildlife as you go.
Sandown Yaverland Sea
It’s worth pausing for a moment to take in the view behind you. That’s Sandown Pier out in front, and Shanklin all the way over to the left.
Culver Down Crater
Culver Down used to be a military zone. If you like to explore you can find intriguing evidence of this.
Culver Down Cliff Walk
Looking back at the climb you have just taken. Not a walk for the faint hearted!
Yarborough Monument
If you’re this close to Yarborough Monument then you’re almost at the top.
The Solent Cows Backside
Splendid views of Bembridge harbour and out over the Solent towards Portsmouth.