Cowes Coastline

This is a flat easy going walk that gives fantastic views out across The Solent.

Cowes is a seaport town on the west bank of the River Medina. It is an old town and this is very apparent as you walk down the narrow, twisty high street. You will notice signs of modernization though, and the harbour is a good example of this. Expect to find plenty of yachting enthusiasts around, and when the Regatta takes place in August their numbers swell considerably. The Solent will become a maze of boats as Cowes take on an entirely different appearance.

You can begin this walk by parking along the seafront or by taking a bus into Cowes. You could also park in East Cowes and jump on the floating bridge.
However you arrive, make sure you stroll through the High Street when you get there. There are various restaurants to eat in and lots of places to buy unique Island mementoes. Walk far enough and the high street will gradually give way to the seafront. The coastal path will give you great views of the mainland but it is very exposed so can get quite gusty on a windy day. Although there is no sandy beach to walk on, there are plenty of seats available to sit and watch the vessels out in the Solent.
If you have resisted dining out in the high street then why not pop into The Waters Edge restaurant. It’s located at the end of the walk and is a splendid place to have a meal.

Cowes is definitely a recommended town to visit and it’s certainly worth going along the seafront once you’re there.

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Cowes Coastal Walk
Beginning of the sea walk.
The Solent From Cowes
The Solent is a popular body of water for all kinds of boating, especially yachts.
Cowes Egypt Point
Egypt Point was one of Queen Victoria’s favourite places to visit when she stayed at her summer home, Osborne House.
Cowes Harbour
Cowes harbour is well suited to hosting Cowes Week in the summer.
Cowes Marina Boats in Winter
The Marina will see much more activity in the summer!
East Cowes Play Area
It might be worth visiting East Cowes seafront as well. There is a good childrens play area there.