Both Wightsands and Appleysands have their own garden playden. Each playden is full with childrens toys and games.

Coming from a preschool environment I know how important play is to children. It helps their learning and development, and, of course, their happiness!

Being a parent I also know that if the children are happy playing then parents get some quality relaxation time! Hence why I have included this playden filled with toys for them to explore. After all, your holiday is a holiday for everyone to enjoy!

Here are some of the toys that will be in the playden waiting to be played with:

  • Sticklebricks, Duplo and Building Blocks.
  • Farmyard set and My Little Pony set.
  • Action figures and cars.
  • Dinosaurs and jungle animals.
  • Wooden play kitchen and play food.
  • Dolls, soft toys and a variety of Happyland.
  • Plenty of books suitable for young children.

They will even have their own size table and chairs!

Childrens Play Den Toys 1
Childrens Play Den Toys 2