Steephill Cove

This is a lovely walk that takes you from Ventnor seafront to Steephill Cove. Tucked out the way, it can feel a little mysterious coming across this enclave, but if you’re looking for a leisurely afternoon in the sun, it can’t be beat.

Take some time to explore Ventnor seafront too, which has a lovely tapas bar, The Spyglass Inn with its uninterrupted sea views, and a great fish shack which sells the catch of the day.

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Steephill Cove Beach
At Ventnor seafront there is the La Falaise carpark. You can also use this if you’re heading to Ventnor beach or into the town.
Steephill Cove Water
A little bit rocky, but the water is lovely this time of year.
Steephill Cove Walk
Moving away from Ventnor beach and into lush greenery.
Steephill Cove Path
The walk follows the coast, rather like a roller coaster, all the way to Steephill Cove.
Steephill Cove Coastline
Once your here just enjoy the peace ‘n’ quiet of this tranquil spot…not known to many tourists!
Steephill Cove Restaurants
There is a pub serving food and also a traditional, quaint seaside cafe where you can enjoy light refreshments.
Steephill Cove Boats
This is a place forgotten in time and really worth the walk.