This is a local walk of ours, one that we have done many times and enjoyed on each occasion. Hopefully you will too!

A good place to begin this walk is along the aptly named ‘Church Road’. It branches off of the main road from Ryde to Newport and has a bus stop at the adjoining roundabout. It is a quiet residential area where you will also find plenty of places to park a car.

Your next step is to head down Quarr Road. As you advance along it the tarmac will blend into a typical country lane, and this is when you will come upon a few interesting sites.

The first of which are the ruins of the old Abbey of Quarr. At one time it spanned 20 acres before being dissolved by King Henry VIII 1536. Although a lot of time has passed since, you can still get a good idea of the sort of scale of this once monastic complex.
Continuing on further and you will encounter the new Quarr Abbey. Built in 1912, this grand building and its estate serve many purposes, some of which are open to the public. Those that are include a piggery, a cafe, a gift shop, an art gallery, and a church service that you are able to partake in.

Now if you spent as much time as we did at Quarr Abbey then you will probably be ready to go home. If not, then there are a couple of other places you can visit.
If you continue on past the Abbey you will find the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. You also won’t be able to miss the Wightlink car ferry, a service which you may well have already used to reach the Island. Sometimes children find it fun to watch the ferries come and go. Fishbourne Inn is nearby as well if you would like a meal to fuel yourselves for the return journey.
Rather than doubling back on yourself to head home you could walk along the coast. However this deviation is only accessible when the tide is low. Oh, and watch out for quicksand!

If you have enjoyed the visit to Quarr Abbey Monastery then go see the Islands only Nunnery as well. It is found in Appley about half way up Appley Rise Road (you can occasionally here the bells ringing from Wightsands). It is a Silent Order of nuns.

Visit the area on Google Maps

Quarr Walk
The tarmac road will give way to this beautiful path to start the walk.
Abbey of Quarr Wall Ruins
Ruins of the once majestic Abbey of Quarr. Here you can see the fortified outer wall which was constructed during the hundred year’s war.
Quarr Abbey Drive Entrance
The driveway that leads up to the new Abbey.
Quarr Abbey
It’s even more impressive if you’re able see Quarr Abbey with your own eyes.
Quarr Abbey Grounds
Make the most of the opportunity to walk around the well maintained grounds. You will find plenty of seating.
Quarr Abbey Tea & Cakes
We couldn’t resist these homemade cakes!
Quarr Abbey Monastery
Volunteers help to support the daily functions of the monastery.
Quarr Abbey Pig
Children will enjoy watching the pigs be fed, especially when the piglet season is in full swing.